Tagaytay in Half a Day

Because seriously, everyone appreciates even just a quick break from stress. Right?

Let me share with you then how I enjoyed half a day in Tagaytay City! If you’re from Metro Manila, some parts of Laguna, Cavite, and Batangas, you will easily reach Tagaytay in an hour and a half – or even less. Now that’s a major win-win! 😊

There are several ways to go to Tagaytay which you can easily find on the web – so I’ll leave that for you to research 😊 That time, I came from other parts of Cavite and just Wazed my destinations – no hassle 😊

So we arrived in Tagaytay at noon time, hungry and craving for good food! Before driving over, I researched on restaurants that serve the best Bulalo, since the place is known for it.

So first stop: Leslie’s Forest Garden Restaurant

Time spent: 1 hr and 30 minutes (photo-ops included!)

Oh, the place is just so relaxing! You will be welcomed by healthy green plants (thus, the forest garden name) and warm smiles of the staff and crew.

Also, we noted that the place is suitable for groups since the tables are big and spacious.

There are also some nipa huts outside where you can dine, and it’s free of charge! So you can actually dine outside, enjoy the cool breeze and the sight of Taal Lake and volcano.

We wanted to dine outside but since it was a weekend and tourists alike are flocking, there was a queue for nipa hut-dining, and given that we were already starving, we decided to just stay indoors. It was cool as well.

The menu:

What we ordered:

Of course, bulalo! And kare-kare (my all-time favorite) We were four but the serving was huge for us. So basically, they serve food for groups of 4-5 people. 😊 Even the platter of rice which they say was good for 4 wasn’t fully consumed. Just look at the food below.

And indeed, taste was awesome! Worth the bucks!

Now time to burn those calories and have fun!

Second stop: Sky Ranch

Time spent here: 2 hours

Ooooh, the kid in me! When we entered, there was a spacious covered area lined up with native delicacies. And moving forward, the big Sky Ranch logo.

Basically, if you are like me who are not into crazy rides and just want to roam around, feel and enjoy the good and fun vibes, this place is for you since unlike any other park, you just have to pay the individual entrance fee. And if you want to try a specific attraction, you can pay for the ride separately. Heads up though, the rides here are mostly for kids….. like, real kids, and not just the kids at heart. Spaces, seats, rides are smaller than those of the normal theme parks. So if you’re gifted with extra weight like me, it’s difficult to fit in. Haha!

But there are some activities for the young at heart too! First, the zipline. Second, the “perya” or the gaming area where you could just bring home those cute stuff toys, and lastly, the horse backriding area.

For those who are accompanying the playing kids, fret not! You can rent a gazebo where you can rest and just enjoy the view and the weather while waiting for the little ones to finish playing 😊

And off to our last stop: People’s Park in the Sky

Time spent here: 1 hour

Actually, this is where I enjoyed the most. This is where my body and mind was able to relax.

Entrance fee was only PhP 30.00, and there’s an option to hire a jeepney or a tricycle to bring you up. Me and my sister chose to walk to enjoy the view, and just everything. Since the weather was good, going up was not that tiring, there’s no rush to do it anyway.

We stayed here until sunset. Ahhh, it’s so relaxing. I’ll let my unedited photos speak for the experience itself. ❤

So for 6 hours (considering the travel time and traffic), I was able to destress. Something I really need for quite some time now.

All photos are can be found on my Facebook page 😊 Enjoy!


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