Singapore to Kuala Lumpur via Aeroline Coach

Singapore has its beauty… and so does Malaysia. And for a person who lived in both countries, I have my share of stories of its wonders. Both countries have similarities and differences worth exploring. And you can even on a budget.

If we try to look at the map, Singapore is a small dot connected to that big landfill of Malaysia…. because it was once part of Malaysia until August 9, 1965 when it became an independent republic. Still, even with the separation, visitors and locals alike can easily cross the border through bus, trains, or of course, flights. This blog post will tackle on the cheapest method – going through bus.

With the number of transport companies offering transportation to/from Singapore to/from other parts of Malaysia, especially to its capital – Kuala Lumpur, travellers are now left with so many choices in hand, with fares ranging from RM 35.00 (PhP 450.00 pesos) to RM 115 (PhP 1595.00) per person. But if you are like me who prefers comfort through long trips, I would suggest you to read on.

I have crossed Malaysia-Singapore several times through bus, and of different companies. I have tried Sri Maju which is one comfortable option, StarMart Express (a bit of so-so), and the latest, AeroLine. This blog post is a sharing of my experience with Aeroline, “The Convenient Way to Fly”.

I must commend, this company looks very professional – from their office up to their staff. They try their best to make you feel comfortable from the time you enter their lounge at VivoCity Mall in Singapore. Unlike other bus companies with a terminal at Golden Mile Complex, Aeroline is the only bus line with an office in a high-standard mall. Just check on the photo of the entrance and the lounge below.

It looks nice, but the service is actually nicer. 🙂

Transiting with Aeroline gives you the following benefits:

  1. Luggage Area (Lounge + Bus) – If you are early for the trip and you would want to roam around the mall first, you can leave your things behind at the lounge area. If it is too small or is valuable, you may rent a locker for $1.50. Reasonable price! Also, in the coach, there is an area for your luggage so you can be comfortable on your ‘flight’.
  2. Option to Choose Seat – There are 2 classes of coaches, a 31-seater and 28-seater coach, divided into 1:2 seating arrangement. If you are early enough to check-in, you may choose your seat. Better yet, choose your seat while booking online – it’s free. The coach is equipped with leather-upholstered lazy boy chairs where you can stretch your legs. The seats are also spacious enough to move around with.
  3. Free Meal – I was given the option to choose from coffee or tea, plus they have given me a decent meal for the trip. Chicken, rice, and vegetable. Not bad at all!
  4. Entertainment On-board – They provide earphones for your use, which you will return before this trip ends. Behind the seat in front of you is a touch-screen multi-entertainment system. It has movies, podcasts, music (recent ones, kudos!), and some games. I enjoyed listening to modern music and watching Jack Ma during my trip.
  5. Lounge, Comfort – Ah, this is now one good part. The trip only stops once for a 15-minute break. Worry not if you need to use the toilet often because the coach has built-in toilet plus, if you are on that 31-seater coach, you will note that on the lower deck, a comfortable lounge area is provided. Check photos below! Oh, did I mention they provide blankets too just in case you get cold during the trip? Yuuuup!

This liner costs a little bit more than the other lines but rest assured that comfort and service is topnotch!

I frequently visit Singapore and Malaysia and I will create another blog post on the immigration processes on this. Please know that I do write about my actual experience 🙂

Have you tried crossing Singapore-Malaysia border before through bus? How did you do it? Which liner did you take? Feel free to share with me your experience below! ❤


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