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MABUHAY! Thank you for visiting my blog! VALERIE BUAQUEN – a blog I named after myself – is an online platform to share with you the chunk of my personal life with my stories of adventures, travel, love, aspirations, as well as challenges and difficulties, and just everything in between.

Hop on with me on my journey and let me start by introducing myself to you. 😊

My name is Valerie, 26, from Baguio City, Philippines. I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by title and profession, but a day-dreamer and goal-getter at heart. LRM_EXPORT_20171211_221624

I created this blog because….

I believe that life is short and that we must make the most out it… So, with this blog, I would like to share my experiences – adventures and misfortunes, hoping to inspire people, especially young women like me, to go forth and see the world’s beauty and madness and unlock its mysteries.

Also, I would like my future kids and grandchildren to see how crazy life could be and how am I able to conquer challenges one step at a time – talk about setting a good (hopefully?) example to them!

My most favorite city to visit outside the Philippines…

I have a lot of favorites! But among it stands out Ho Chi Minh City (or also known as Saigon) in Vietnam. The hustle and bustle of the city, add to that the crazy vibes of countless motorcycles, makes it so genuine and exciting. On top of that, I am just in love with the French architectures and designs visible all over the place. Lastly, they have a looooooot of cozy local cafes to check out! (I’ll share this with you in time.)

My greatest passions in life are…

There are two things that I actually put my heart into – travelling and helping the community. 

(1) Travelling – I’m a wild dreamer a wanderlust at heart. I enjoy discovering places and experiencing different cultures. I believe that the world is meant to be discovered, nurtured, and appreciated – but it’s difficult to do that without getting out of our personal space. What I love most when I travel is that I discover and understand myself better which eventually help me develop harmonious and genuine relationships with others.

(2) Helping the community – I believe that everybody equally deserves the best of life. Some are just given more not to keep it to themselves but to be a channel of blessings to others. Back in my younger days (yes, I feel really old now. 26, remember?), I used to lead a youth community in our neighborhood. I conducted activities that will enable them to explore their talents, as well as participated in activities that will reach out to the less fortunate in the community. I just looooooove the feeling of seeing someone smile because of me. And I believe that if everyone of us exert even just the tiniest effort to help someone, we and the next generations will have a better place to live in.

If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only eat one food, it would be…

Eh, corn…. but I don’t think it’s available in all islands?

Between coffee and dessert, it would be harder for me to give up…

Coffee! Coffee date, anyone? 🙂

The person I’d trust with my life is…

My younger sister, Valen. She’s my inspiration to do better, too.

The life advice I wish I could give my younger self is…

Trust your instincts and trust yourself more than anyone else in this world. The world is too cruel outside – even salt looks like sugar, remember?

If I had a billion dollars to spend…

Tricky question! Hmm. Well, let’s put it this way – let’s do math!

  • Half (1/2) of it will be used to build schools in rural parts of the Philippines, as well as build good roads for the students and teachers to use. Educational books and other materials, too.
  • A quarter (1/4) will be distributed to non-profit organizations taking care of our natural resources – the seas and its inhabitants, the mountains, the wilds. Save the world so the next generations could enjoy what we enjoyed.
  • 1/8 will be set aside for my kids and the other generations to come to be used for their studies.
  • And lastly, an eighth (1/8) will be used to travel the world. Enough of backpacking – let’s try the good hotels, villas, and first class flights this time! Wee!

Hopefully I did my math above well!

If a genie pops out of a bottle and grants me wishes, I would wish for…

World peace, seriously. Stop all the wars, battles, killings. Let’s love one another. We all deserve to be loved.

The job I would you be terrible at is…

Admin jobs.

What keeps me up at night is…

My dreams and aspirations. I am always sleepless always planning for tomorrow and the next days to come. I am not sure if I am the only one but whenever I lie down, so fresh and comfy, with lights off, that’s where my brain begins to wander. Do this… do that, start this, finish that, try this, remove that….. It’s like a machine running without limits. Indeed, the brain is too powerful…. Too powerful that it already produced eyebags bigger than my eyeballs (seriously).

I think that’s it for now. You will get to know more about me as we journey along together.

Thank you for your time!

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God bless everyone! ❤